HSBIntel is a small team of passionate engineers. Our founders got their start building predictive modeling systems for the public sector back in 2007 and improving customer search models at Google.  In 2015 we began focusing on the application of deep learning based on it's apparent performance benefits, and haven't looked back.  Most of our current work focuses on developing task based deep learning algorithms to help our customers build new products.


- Rapidly deliver best-in-class AI solutions to our private and public customers

- Build customized solutions for teams within an organization while realizing efficiencies from centralized platforms

- Design AI solutions that are scalable, reproducible, and traceable   

- Contribute to a responsible conversation around AI ethics and safety while engaging with commercial, academic, public, and other partners

- Partner with academic institutions to move important AI research forward


Make it easy
Make it efficient
Encapsulate the complicated
Make it automatic