Hyper Scale Business Intelligence (HSBIntel) delivers turnkey AI pipelines for solving novel, complex and traditional tasks.  Projects include autonomous navigation system development, object based risk analysis, novel molecular discovery and deep learning training/inference optimization. We provide these services to partners and customers in aerospace, imaging, pharmaceutical, finance, semiconductor and space industries.


AI Algorithms

We help our clients develop best-in-class AI algorithms to solve a wide variety of problems.

AI Insights

We provide AI system insights, market analysis, and training to help our clients realize the full potential of their AI initiatives.

AI Infrastructure

We advise our customers on the best AI infrastructure for their unique situation.


A few of our recent client projects include:

- Semantic segmentation of aerial imagery for risk analysis

- In-flight global positioning using imagery alone

- Autonomous navigation

- Automated document processing and digitization

- Automated network analysis via anomaly detection